I know it's still September, but some of these haunted attractions open up the end of September to right away at the beginning of October.  You might want to start planning your Halloween attraction tours.


This one is a haunted basement, and it's been around for awhile.  Previously held at the Soap Factory, now is located at the Rosedale Center in Roseville.  Just an easy drive from St. Cloud.  Totally worth it, if you are willing.  This particular attraction asks you to please sign a waiver before entering.

The attraction is known for being terrifying. Guests must be at least 18 years old and are required to sign a waiver before entering. Be sure to bring your ID when you visit.

Oh, and get this... they say that you should wear clothes that you basically don't care about. You will get dirty, and you will probably need to do some laundry when you get home.  Oh- and beware... most haunted houses or attractions, the actors are not allowed to touch you.  Not the case here...

Haunted Basement gets much of its scariness from the fact that the actors are allowed to touch guests. It's not uncommon to be led by a performer to another area, or to be touched or grabbed.

The whole experience begins October 5th.  You can get some more information here.  There are instructions on what to wear, what to be prepared for, and if there is a "safe" word in case you want out.

Yikes!!!  Let me know how it goes...there are discounted tickets on the value connection.