Tax time! Ever wish that you could roll up your 1040EZ's and smoke them?

If your tax preparer does any of these, he/she just might actually do that.

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Signs Your Tax Preparer is a Stoner

1) You've never before met an accountant who wears crocks and a man bun.

2) You keep having to move the keyboard back under her fingers while she types.

3) Instead of an office door, he has a beaded curtain.

4) Her desk has as many empty bottles of Visine as tax forms.

5) He says that you can deduct travel costs for following the Dave Matthews Band around the country.

6) She interrupts your tax meeting with an hours-long lecture on why "Half Baked" is the greatest cinematic achievement in history.

7) Every time he hears a siren he jumps up, runs to the bathroom, and flushes the contents of his pockets.

8) She giggles when you tell her you and your wife will be filing a 'joint' return.

9) You've told him your name 4 times.

10) He thinks 'the big day in April' is 4/20.

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