Well, the year of this pandemic.  Everything can be done online.  People working from home, people having school online, home schooling.  You can pretty much do anything you need from your computer online.

First Snow of Winter Hits Northern Ireland
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So, what does that mean for any snow days that might happen?  Snow days were those things that as a kid, you would look forward to.  Especially if they fell near a weekend.  Like a Friday or a Monday.  It was like instant 3 day weekend.  REJOICE!  SNOW DAY!  It was like a gift that you didn't expect but would quietly hope for.

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That might all be a thing of the past, now.  Thank you to the pandemic of 2020.  The distance learning situation from last Spring was definitely a surprise.  People were scrambling around trying to figure this out.  And now, as we are moving closer to Fall, and the beginning of another school year, we are in a situation where distance learning is a viable option.  Even if it doesn't continue on a regular basis, it might end the closing of schools if there is any sort of inclement weather.

This is not a great option for kids who look forward to having a snow day where school is called off.  You were able to run around and play in the newly fallen snow, you could earn some extra bucks by shoveling out your elderly neighbor's driveway, or you could just hang out at home and watch TV, movies or play video games.  Not anymore.

So, there's another reason to be upset by the pandemic... especially if you are a kid that looks forward to snow days.  Bummer.

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