Last week we all heard the CDC announce that fully vaccinated people can stop wearing masks except for certain more crowded situations.  Those include travel, public transportation, doctors offices and hospitals, and any business that still chooses to keep the mask mandate within their store or business.

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Governor Walz dropped the Minnesota mandate last Friday, officially.  But again, there are places that choose to keep the mask mandate, for now.  And some cities are reinstating their mask mandate throughout the city as well.  And even though some of the businesses have dropped the mandate through their corporate offices, if the city that it's located in still has the mandate, then customers and employees will still need to abide by the mask mandate.

As of right now, which companies are holding on to the mask mandate in Minnesota?

Home Depot- although I have seen people there not wearing a mask, so it seems to not be enforced.

Simon Property Group- this includes some shopping centers and malls.  Here in Minnesota that includes the Albertville Outlet Mall, Twin Cities Premium Outlet, Southdale Mall, and Miller Hill Mall.

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Right now, the companies that say they are dropping the mandate for fully vaccinated customers include Target, Wal Mart, Lunds/Byerlys, Starbucks, Cub, Costco, CVS, and Trader Joes.  Unless, of course, those locations are in a location where the mandate is till enforced.  This list could grow as time goes on as well.

You may find that some of these places will be enforcing the masks more than others. But if you are asked to wear a mask, best idea is to just comply, or use the curbside delivery.  Not one time has the person not wearing a mask and putting up a fight has had the result go their way.

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