I guess we can thank COVID-19 for this. Dine in pizza restaurants are having an extremely tough time during this pandemic.

Pizza Hut
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Of course, as far as eating establishments go, pizza has been doing very well considering. Domino's has pizza sales off the charts. They had a 30% jump in quarterly profits, as reported last month.

The thing is, is that Domino's is pretty much set up as a pick up or delivery type restaurant. Domino's recently stated they are looking to hire another 20,000 workers nationwide to help with the influx of orders.

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It seems the pizza establishments that are suffering are the ones that offer and rely on their dine in customers. For example, Pizza Hut. Dakota News Now reports that Pizza Hut parent company, NPC International announced in their bankruptcy filing that they have agreed to close hundreds of under performing locations.

NPC plans to shut down under performing Pizza Huts that are not designed for carry out and delivery. So, this could signal the end of dining in at your local Pizza Hut.

With more and more people eating take out from home, delivery and take out seem to be were the money is for the pizza and other food establishments.

No word on Pizza Huts in the St Cloud area, as of yet. It seems to me it would be a better move just to convert to a more delivery and take out format.

We will keep you posted.

(Dakota News Now)


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