Halloween is this Thursday night.  And the weather is looking less than ideal to take kids out trick or treating.  For sure there will be a lot of kids out trick or treating in the area neighborhoods.  But if you feel like you'd rather do that where it's warm... especially if you have little ones.  Or, if you just don't like the cold (I might be one of those people), there are a few other options this week.


October 30th- Wednesday from 5-6pm, Gilleland Chevrolet Trunk or Treat

October 30th- Wednesday from 1-5pm, Richmond Library Trick or Treat 

October 31st- Halloween- 5-7pm Crossroads mall trick or treat

October 31st- Halloween 5-7 Scheels Trick or Treat

October 31st- Halloween through Nov 1st - Pumpkin Patch Party, 7 West Taphouse- downtown St. Cloud. (this one seems more for adults).

So, a few options for Halloween this Thursday night.  No matter what you do, have fun, be safe and bundle up.  Maybe get a giant costume for over your coat if you plan to trick or treat in area neighborhoods.  Too many times when I was a kid, I remember having to wear my winter coat out trick or treating.









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