Deep end of a dive bar... that's where some people in Central Minnesota want to be on any given weekend, week night, or summer hang out places.  The thing about places like this is that they usually have great food at some great prices.  And also, they generally make "great drinks".  What people think of great drinks usually means drinks that are somewhat on the strong side.

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I looked at and found what is considered as the ten best dive bars in the St. Cloud, or central Minnesota area.  And I have to agree with most of these, and maybe there should be some that can be added to the list.

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I also love dive bars that have a great brunch option as well. And some of these places have that too.  These are the types of places that when you walk in, everyone will turn and look at you... but here's the deal; they are just looking to see who's walking in. Not so much of a judgement as it is wondering if they know the people walking in. It's one of those things where you forget how it is in a small town bar when you are used to being in the bigger bars/clubs.  Everyone knows everyone and people walk from table to table chatting with everyone.  At least pre-Covid times, people would walk around and chat with everyone.  And hopefully we are heading back in that direction again.

Here are the best dive bars in Central MN according to Yelp:

  • Beaudreaus Bar, St. >Cloud
  • MT's on 8th- St. Cloud
  • Corner Bar- Albertville
  • Inn Kahoots- Maple Grove
  • J's Restaurant and Bar Down Under- Buffalo
  • Elmdale Liquors- Bowlus

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