The other night a few of us were sitting around trying to remember the old restaurants that were in St. Cloud, and why they aren't here anymore.  As well as "where were they again?".  The one I remember the most was Sambo's when I was a kid.  That was where Pepper Jax is located now on Division.  The thing I remember before that was also McMillians.  Why does this restaurant keep changing?


Someone else brought up Shakey's Pizza.  We had a Shakey's?  There is a rumor that it was closed after finding some sort of dog food in the trash....there were no dogs.  Sausage, anyone?

Right now it seems that we have a plethora of Mexican-type restaurants and fast food.  Like the number per capita has to be fairly high.  But some don't make it.  Apparently if you want to go to a ChiChi's you have to book a flight.  BUT you can buy the salsa and chips at any local grocery store.  So there's that.


We did used to have an Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips, didn't we?  I seem to remember that when I was a kid.  Might have been in the 70s  Did we have one?  where was it?  And I have to admit... I miss Ground Round.


What do you wish we still had here in St. Cloud?


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