I've mentioned a few times that I've heard a little girl screaming in the woods near out house.  After a few mornings of wondering what was wrong...and like should I call the police or something??  I find out that it's a fox.  If you haven't heard this sound before it's super unnerving until you find out what it really is.  And even then, it's still kind of a creepy noise.


There was someone who also mentioned to me that a Lynx sounds like someone screaming as well.

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Then I ran across this.  There are so many people who have goats on their property. I haven't really compared the noise that they make to a child, but someone else obviously did. And it's really kind of funny.  Check this out... the goat sounds just like the toddler that is being held.

Bottom line, should we just take this as kids and animals, are they really that different?  I do compare my little dog to a toddler, only one that never grows up. Constantly into everything, everything goes in his mouth, and demands attention. The attention grabbing is generally when I am doing anything involving another person when I need to hear them.  Like talking in person or on the phone.  He barks.

Baby animals, kids... is there really a difference?  Kidding... but really though.

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