Are you ready for another high minded challenge? It's the same concept has last time. And when I showed that last one to a bunch of co-workers, there was only one person that went five for five. Hey, I get it, it's not easy. I mean how often do you see something from above?

Here's how it works. Below are five satellite photos of well-known places in our great state of Minnesota. I provided a clue to help you out. The answers are at the bottom. Let's see how you do.

Mystery Location #1

While quarantine has kept many of them at bay -- people are concerned about rights going away.

Google Maps


Mystery Location #2

New life pops up here all the time, then people show up and feel fine.

Google Maps

Mystery Location #3

You might enjoy this grassy space -- before watching your favorite team face...

Google Maps


Mystery Location #4

A new facility that you can't see -- has been built here recently.

Google Maps


Mystery Location #5

A character in the movie Top Gun -- is part of the name of this one.

Google Maps

Let's see how you did?

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Spaced Out Answers

Mystery Location #1:

Answer: Minnesota State Capital Building 
This one was easy. Which is why it was the first one.

Mystery Location #2:

Answer:  Mungsinger Gardens

Lots of people come out to see the new life that is the beautiful flowers at Mungsinger Gardens.

Mystery Location #3:

Answer: US Bank Stadium

The Green Lawn. It's the grassy area out in front of the stadium where they occasionally set up bounce houses and have other activities too do.

Mystery Location #4: 

Answer: Tech High School 'Location'

The land before it became the new Tech High School. It's strange to see the area undeveloped. It's sad knowing that, in the school's first year of existence, there will be no ceremony for its first graduating class.

Mystery Location #5:

Answer: Gooseberry Falls

Gooseberry -- Goose -- Top Gun. I know I was reaching on that clue

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