There are some pretty strange places that you can stay when you rent with VRBO or AirBnB.  This particular one that I found might be one of the weirdest, and it's here in Minnesota.

This is an old 1800s jailhouse.  And it actually has bars on one of the bedrooms.  That particular bedroom has bunkbeds in it, so great for a family with a couple of kids- they can stay in the "jail".  There is another bed, that is outside of the jail so not everyone needs to stay with bars surrounding them.  I'm thinking parents- stick your kids in the actual jail area.  Kidding!  Kind of.  Or, someone who wants that sort of experience can stay in that area as well.

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The description on the airbnb site says that it has one bedroom with three beds, one bathroom.  So even though one area has bars, everyone is in the same room with one bathroom available.


This jailhouse airbnb is located in Wykoff, Minnesota.  This is just south of Rochester near the Iowa border.  It's about 3 hours from St. Cloud.  So if you want to take a short weekend getaway, and stay somewhere you probably wouldn't be able to any other way, unless you were actually arrested, this might be the right kind of weekend for you and maybe the family.  It would definitely be an experience.  Stay in jail without really having to do do anything wrong in order to get there.  In fact, you actually pay to stay in jail instead of the other way around.

It's at least worth a look-see.  You can check out the full listing/description on the airbnb website.  

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