Although I was raised to be a beer drinker by the men in my family, I’ve recently found myself being rather attracted to wine. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s because I like grapes, or burned myself out on beer, or maybe it’s just because my favorite singer (Maynard James Keenan) makes his own wine.

Whatever the reason is, I love a good bottle of wine. I find a couple of glasses at lunch and with dinner can really enhance the meal. Not to mention, a few bottles consumed over the course of an evening, shared with friends can enhance, prolong, and deepen conversation (in my opinion.) Wine is a magical substance.

That’s why I’m stoked for Mai Fest. It’s the wine season opener at Morgan Creek Vineyards. Attendees will be able to sample their various wines, and will be served some pretty scrumptious sounding appetizers that are cooked in a wood-oven. Not to mention, they’ll also have a live jazz band performing. Sounds fancy. Mai Fest is set to take place Saturday, May 5th at Morgan Creek Vineyards in New Ulm.

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