I realize that addiction is a terrible thing and a big problem for many. It makes you do things out of desperation and make some pretty bad decisions.

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That's the only excuse, I can think of, for what happened at a local senior living facility recently. Megan Rose Woods, a 34 year old woman from St Joseph was charged in Benton County Court with taking Oxycodone from patients at the facility and replacing them with melatonin.

What is so sad about this, besides the addiction, is that Oxycodone is prescribed for pain. Not just mild pain but chronic pain. So, these poor people that were supposed to get the Oxycodone to relieve their pain were instead given a drug that makes you sleep.

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Sartell senior living facility, Country Manor, reported missing narcotics and woods was a suspect. 15 patients were affected the second week of June. Woods was working the shifts and areas where the drugs were switched.

When interviewed by police, Woods "acknowledged that she was the person who was taking the Oxycodone pills as she was addicted to them".

Woods was charged with 2 felonies. One felony count of theft by swindle and another felony count of theft. She will make her next appearance in Benton County Court on October 21st.

Let's hope these seniors get the medication the need and that Woods gets the help she obviously needs.


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