How scary is this?  Whether you are a 911 dispatcher or you are the parents of the toddler who calls 911 to let someone know that "the baby is dead".  I mean, you have a kid on the line!  How did the baby die?  Are there parents around? Did you accidentally kill the baby? Are you sure? Is there an abuse situation?  SO many questions would be running though my mind if I had received a call like this one... from a CHILD!


Well, there is definitely more to this story.  Some more investigation into this, and it was determined that the "baby" who died was actually the 3 year old girl's baby doll.

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That was certainly a wake up call!

...deputies arriving at the scene swiftly determining "that the 911 caller was a 3-year-old child and that the concern she had was that she was unable to wake her doll."

"After a brief chat with her parents everyone returned to their patrol car," the sheriff's office said. "No morning coffee was needed from that point on."

I mean, there's definitely some relief that comes from finding out that the deceased was actually a doll.  But on the other hand, it shows that at least the parents have taught their child to call 911 in case of an emergency.  So, that part is great... she just needs to learn what an emergency is and what isn't an emergency.  I guess in this case it was better to be safe than sorry.  They are very glad that they were being safe.

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