How rude!  Here these firefighters are trying to save a parrot from the roof of a house and all he keeps saying to them is to f-off. 

Getty Images/iStockphoto

 At first it seems kind of funny.  But you gotta think- what do the owners of this parrot say all the time?  After all- he's a parrot.  So, obviously the owners of the parrot are either teaching him to say naughty things, or they are just saying this WAY too much in normal conversation.  I'm guessing they don't really get along all that well if that is the main comment in their everyday conversation.


So, I guess the lesson here is if you have a parrot as a pet, or any other talking bird, for that matter, watch what you say around them.  You never know what could happen at a later date that will make people go Hmmmmmm....