Well, this is something that has been talked about for as long as I can remember people talking about buying beer.  We all knew the grocery stores and convenience stores only sold 3.2 beer in Minnesota.  Now, did you know that Minnesota is the only state that doesn't sell strong beer in grocery stores, if they sell beer?  Everywhere else you go, you can find strong beer other than in a liquor store... like even CVS and Walgreens in some states!  Not in Minnesota.  That could be changing.  Or... maybe not.


We just got the privilege to buy booze on Sundays at the liquor stores in Minnesota just a couple of years ago, So, this would be a huge step, even though we are the only ones lagging on that front.

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What's the hold up?  Liquor stores.  That's what.  They don't want strong beer sold anywhere but in a liquor store.  AND since we are the only ones selling 3.2 beer, it's expensive for manufacturers to make it just for us.  So, you'd think the alternative would be that no beer would be sold in grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations.

Most of the time competition is good.  Like if you are talking about liquor stores competing with grocery stores and gas stations.  But the fear is that smaller liquor stores would possibly suffer if the option is available to buy beer in other places.

Minnesota Republican Senator Karin Housley is introducing the bill to have this changed.  And the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association is totally against it.  Housley feels that she does have bipartisan support.  We will see how this goes, the bill will be introduced at the next session.


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