Tis the season for scary things and celebrating things that go bump in the night.  Maybe you are someone that is in the dating scene.  This might be the perfect season for you!  According to the people that put these kind of things together, going to Scream Town, or any of the Halloween attractions around the area, is the thing that might bring you closer together.

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AND the study found that people who are "swiping right" are the ones most likely to start something lasting if they go to a Halloween attraction for their first or one of the initial dates.

Vitalii Gubin, ThinkStock

I'm just thinking this is just a ploy to get people to go see your Halloween scary event.  But, even if this is the case, might be a great time.  And you get to see what you potential mate is made of... scaredy cat?  Or are they somebody who can stand their ground and possibly protect their date?

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Hey- go on a date. Go to a haunted attraction and see.  What do you have to lose?  Might be fun.