When I heard that, my first thought was... what?  Like do I get to refile?  Do I get a credit for next year?  What is the actual deal?  Last year we got a pretty large refund.  This year we basically broke even.  With what I have heard from a lot of other people, I think that breaking even is kind of a win. That's actually the way it should be.  That just means that your taxes were actually about perfect.  But a lot of people use their refund as a sort of savings account that they can use for paying off holiday bills, or going on a Spring vacation, or whatever extra thing you would like to do.  But in actuality, it would probably be better to take a bit of that money and put it into a savings account of your own instead of letting the government use it instead of you.


I personally don't like it to run quite that close, but if I could just assure myself that I won't owe anything at the end of the year, that would be better.

Do you think this financial assessment is accurate?  I have my doubts and questions.

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