It may have taken awhile, but it looks like the street department may just be catching up on the pot hole dilemma. After last winter, the streets in town were not in very good shape. It was like having a speed bump every 10 feet on some streets.

I rent an apartment, for my stay during the week, over be the SCSU Hockey Arena. The streets over there literally looked like they had been under a mortar attack. But the past couple weeks they have been working on the area and it's getting much better. There is still some work to do, but a huge improvement, so far.


I'm sure Mother Nature is just licking her chops to launch another attack on the streets again this Winter.

Not sure where it is, but in some country they are recycling plastic and paving streets with it. No more cracks or potholes and the expect the streets to stay in good shape for years to come.  We need that.

Thanks again to the street department for fixing the roads in my neighborhood and even putting down some fresh new lines I can actually see.

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