This happened in 1973.  Most people think that Lennon was the only Beatle that dealt with some immigration issues back in the day.  Turns out that George Harrison also dealt with his share of issues with this.

At the time, Harrison had been granted a certain amount of time to stay in the U. S.  and when he wanted more than that time, he was denied.  That didn't sit too well.  So, he responded with a telegram (?) that he must have voiced because the misspellings were high.  And they aren't things that would probably be misspelled.

"Sir, how can you bomb Cambonian (sic) citizens and worry about kicking me out of the country for smoking marijuana at the time. Your repressive emperaour (sic) war monger ways stop before too piece (cq) luv (cq). We will run the world Harry Krisher, Hare Hara Krishne Hare Hara Hare Hara Krishner. George Harrison." 

Harrison was obviously a bit perturbed.