You know, between The Rolling Stones announcing a world wide tour, recording a new album, and hinting at the possibility of retiring, it seems like they’re more popular than they’ve ever been. That is pretty impressive considering they’ve been a band for 58 years. That’s quite a long time to keep it together.


Aside from all of the other news in the world of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards recently made a rather surprising announcement regarding his lifestyle. He announced just yesterday that he had given up drinking. Keith is probably just as famous for his relationship with drugs, alcohol, and nicotine as he is for playing guitar.

And not to sound insensitive, but I’m just going to state the obvious – he is unreasonably old for someone who has lived the life of a rock star. I honestly think that quitting drinking at this point in his life is probably more detrimental to his health than if he just kept at it. At this point it’s probably a part of his DNA.

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