So, I saw this article talking about holiday stress.  The obvious ones.  Travel, family, family drama, cooking, and then we come to the gift giving portion.  And I see the stress sometimes in the giving of gifts, like the "right" ones, or if it's something they will like, or if you spent too much, or too little.

Getty Images for Laughing Hearts
Getty Images for Laughing Hearts

But a big stressor is apparently the RECEIVING of gifts.  What??  Yeah.  Receiving gifts is one of the biggest holiday stressors.

Maybe it's because you are worried about your reaction?  Or the fact that maybe you didn't get them something?  Or maybe the gifts weren't matching in value??  I'm not sure what the reason would be behind this, but I found it a little odd.  I stress out way more about giving gifts, than I do about receiving them.  Giving gifts is fun.  But, I also like to make sure it's the "right" gift for the person.  So, that stresses me out more.

The way people cope with stress is also high... like over 60% of people deal with stress over the holidays be eating and drinking way too much.  We need to find other ways to deal, like exercising.  That is more healthy, and also creates endorphins which make you happier.  So, yeah...exercise, do that instead.

It also depends on the stress.  Like sometimes it might just be a good idea to remove yourself form the situation for a bit.  Go for a walk, or watch a movie or something else.  Disengage from the situation.  Better than eating and/or drinking way too much to detach, right?  Right.

Happy Holidays!!

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