This is the kind of update that you want to hear... the boy who was so tragically thrown from the third floor balcony is now walking again... and he is walking perfectly.


This little boy, who has always only been identified by his first name, Landon, is out of the hospital and is now walking like a normal little boy... no limp at all.  This is really quite amazing. Considering how much trauma there was, and how many surgeries this little guy has gone through.  And, the fact that when he was sent home, he did have a significant limp, and one leg was shorter than the other.  This is the absolute best outcome for anyone to wish for, other than it never happening, of course.

When his mom asks him how he's doing, he has this to say...

If you remember when this happened, they did find the person who did this, Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, 24, and he has been sentenced to 19 years in jail.  Somehow I feel like it should have been more.  His family says he suffers from mental illness.


If you would like to read more on this... and Landon's miraculous recovery, click here.   

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