As heard on the January 2nd show:


1. Mean Case of Man Hands

Maybe it's the angle of the camera, maybe we've previously overlooked this, but Lucy is suffering from a mean case of man hands in the picture above.  It's the first morning show selfie of 2015 and it's one that we'll use as blackmail for the rest of the year.



2. Couple Trapped Inside Unlocked Closet for Days

As if you need more reasons to stay away from drugs, here's another one.   A couple had to be rescued from a janitor's closet after being stuck in it for days.  Surprise - they were doing meth and crack.  Bigger surprise - the closet had been unlocked the whole time.  Idiots.






3. Binge Drinking Takes Toll on Immune System

Careful with your holiday binge drinking, because it's messing with your immune system.  It's also been one of the worst years for the spread of the flu.  Binge drinking has been proven to lower your system's defenses, so maybe cut the shots out this round.






4. Sexual Network Connects 288 Students at One High School

In 1995, a research study was conducted at an unidentified Midwestern school where students were asked to point out sexual partners.  Of the 832 students who participated, a string of 288 of them could be connected through sexual partners.  It's just like the whole Eskimo Brothers thing on The League.







5. Selfie Sticks are So Hot Right Now

Have you ever busted someone mid selfie?  It's so awkward.  Prepare for it to really get weird.  Over 100,000 selfie sticks were purchased leading up to the holiday season.  They're so popular, they've been sold out.  Be on the lookout for people's sticks this year, because they're out there.






6. Tricks for Keeping Those Resolutions

We all do it.  Every year we try and hold ourselves to high goals at the start of the calendar.  THIS year things will be different!  Maybe they will if you stick to a few simple tips for keeping those resolutions, like setting realistic goals and making sure to work in rewards when you hit certain milestones.






7. Man Removes Car Part from Arm 51 Years Later

It's amazing what the human body is capable of ignoring.  A 75-year-old man in Illinois recently had a 7-inch turn signal lever removed from his arm after it began causing him pain.  The car part had been there for 51 years following a car accident, but since it caused him no discomfort, they decided to leave it be.






8. Phrases & Words That Should be Banished

Lake Superior State University released it's annual list of "Words Banished from the Queen's English for Miss-use, Over-use and General Uselessness" this week.  Words and phrases were submitted from English speakers from all over the globe.  One of the top nominees was bae.  Listen to find out what else made the list.






9.  Football Picks


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