As heard on the November 21st show:


1. Couple's Sex in Car Causes Traffic Jam

After a night at the strip club, this couple couldn't keep their hands off each other and couldn't seem to wait and get home either.  Their sexy time in a parked car caused a traffic jam, because people kept stopping to look at the steamy session.






2. Thanksgiving Fails

Who hasn't burned a turkey at least once?  Jimmy Fallon shared Tweets from his fans of Thanksgiving fails.  Listen on and know you're not alone in your holiday mishaps.





3. Beer Named After F***ing Town Causes Outrage

The F***ing Hell Beer is causing a stir with residents of Australia's F***ing village who say they already have enough issues with people stealing F***ing street signs.





4. People Are Scamming Walmart for Cheap Playstations

Price matching just got interesting.  Some people were able to score Playstation 4s from Walmart for the amazing price of $90 by using fake Amazon pages.






5. Britain Unveils its Poo Bus

We've talked about the power of poo before and how it's being used to generate electricity on a few farms across the country.  Now Britain is taking this resource one step further and has unveiled the very first poo powered bus.






6. Guy Tries to Rob Store with Photo of a Gun

Everybody freeze!  And check out this picture of a gun I drew.  What did this guy possibly think was going to happen?  Please tell me someone audibly laughed out loud in the grocery store when they realized he was serious.






 7. Creative Cursing

Jesse & Lucy play another round of their favorite Friday game.  Creative Cursing with President Newsman Dick Nelson.




 8.  Football Picks


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