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1. Game Controller That Draws Blood

Hmmm... what could possibly go wrong with this idea?  A Kickstarter (which is now suspended) is trying to raise $250,000 to fund the idea which claims to draw blood from the player every time the player dies in the game.  The idea is to donate blood to local collection sites.






2. ThanksSharing Meal Matchmaker

Alone this year for Thanksgiving?  You don't have to be, thanks to a meal matcher called "ThanksSharing" where you search meals that are happening in your area and request an invite.  You can also post your meal and open your home up to strangers.  Once again, what could possibly go wrong?





 3. Hate Your Boss?  Tell Him.

Telling your boss you hate him is a sure fire way to get a one way ticket to unemployment-ville, right?  Maybe not.  A new study suggests that being open about your dislike for the big boss man (or woman) will actually make you more productive on the job.





 4. Odor Eating Toilet Seat

Just in time for the high traffic your toilet is about to experience with all the rela-ticks butting up to it, Kohler introduces a deodorizing toilet seat.  A fan hidden in the seat sucks in air and pushes it through an odor eating carbon filter and a scent pack.  The high-tech thrown will run you around $90.





 5. People Admit to Reading the Newspaper While Driving

What could possibly go wrong?  What?!  It's kind of the running theme for today.  Two in ten Americans have admitted to reading while driving at least once.  Yikes!  Listen to find out what else we're doing behind the wheel besides paying attention to the road.





 6. Things That Could Kill You on Thanksgiving

Deep frying a turkey this year?  Planning to pound hella beers while you shout at your favorite football team?  Maybe you let the leftovers sit out all day.  What could possibly go wrong?!





7. Football Outcomes


Lucy / Townsquare Media
Lucy / Townsquare Media




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