Based on a story of Frankenstein Bobby "Boris" Pickett released this song in 1962. The premise is Frankenstein throws a dance party which is attended by other notables such as Dracula and Wolfman.


In Pickett's narration, is is impersonating Boris Karloff. Bobby picket and Lenny Capizzi wrote this song in about two hours. They recorded the song with Gary Paxton (Alley Oop) and studio musicians Leon Russell, Johnny McCrae and Rickie Page, who became known as the Cryptkickers.

Gary Paxton released the song on his record label Garpax and distributed the song to radio stations throughout Southern California.The phones lit up and it was a big hit with Southern California listeners. A new deal was made with London Records and the song was distributed worldwide.

It's always been a big hit around Halloween time. Nothing more entertaining than a bunch of monsters having a dance party.  Check it out.

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