I'm all for sharing, but there is a limit. Certain things were meant not, under any circumstances, be shared with someone else. A survey was recently done asked 2000 people what items were off limits for sharing.  Besides, hugs, handshakes and masks, here are the 10 ten un-sharable items.

10) T shirts

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I don't see a real problem here but it appears some people do.

9) Towels


Have ever stepped out of the shower and grabbed your towel, and it's wet?  Not cool.

8) Your bank info


This pretty much goes without saying. Keep your money close.

Your phone password

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No one needs to be snooping in your phone, whether you have anything to hide or not.

6) Pajamas

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I don't wear them, so have at it.  Personally, wearing pajamas is like going to bed with your clothes on.

5) Bathrooms

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What they mean here is 2 people sharing a bathroom at the same time. For instance, one in the shower and the other on the toilet.

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4) Social media passwords

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Never give anyone the opportunity to mess with your personal social media pages.

3) Razors

Craig Barritt

Nobody wants to drag someone else's dead skin across their own.

2) Your toothbrush


I kind of get grossed out just thinking about it. You'd think this was the # 1 unsharable item, but it's not.

1) Underwear


A very personal item that should never be shared and why would it be?



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