This survey was done by OnePoll.  And I'm not so sure I agree with it.  I actually like getting gifts that are practical and useful.  Most of the gifts on this list fall into that category, too.  I'm thinking... who did they ask???  Certainly not me... or a many of the people I know.., they think these gifts are great too.


This is the main list they came up with that are considered "bad" or the "worst" gifts you can get:

1. No such thing as a bad gift                               30%
2. Shower gel                                                        23%
3. Popcorn                                                             23%
4. Socks                                                                 22%
5. Lotion basket                                                     20%
6. Mug                                                                   19%
7. Hard liquor                                                        19%
8. Tea                                                                    18%
9. Candle                                                              15%
10. Photo calendar                                               15%
11. Coffee                                                             13%
12. Wine                                                               13%
13. Photo books                                                   12%
14. Kitchen supplies                                             12%
15. Photo prints                                                    11%

Now, with the exception of the tea, I think everything on this list would be great.  I guess it depends on who you are actually buying for... what are their interests and how shallow are they?  Ok, that last bit might not be true, but c'mon, these can be pretty good gifts!


What's the worst gift you have ever gotten?

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