It's the time again... for some of you it's the best time of the week.  Friday, and johnny's lame joke day.  FRIYAY!

These jokes have gotten no better, either.  Today he has a joke that I completely didn't understand, or it was really just that stupid.  Listen to it and see if you get it.  It's the first joke, and even out crickets were delayed.  They didn't get it either.  It's like.... is it over?  Was that the joke?  The whole thing?

Then, of course, is the weekly golf joke.  I get that one... just wasn't funny.

Give it a listen...

And now, can we have a little conversation about this shirt he has on?  I'm guessing that there is no way his wife saw him before he left for work this morning.  He said it was great because it matched his pants.  If that is the only redeeming characteristic that shirt has, then you should probably find another one that matches.  I'm just sayin'.

Until next week...

Cheers! (We all need a drink, now)

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