The weekend...this usually means a good time, right?  But now, with social distancing what is there to do?  Well, we have some ideas thanks to CNN.

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If you are someone into books- read everything.  I know I have some books that I've meant to read, and just haven't gotten to them yet, so now might be a good time.

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House projects.  Do you have some things around the house that you've been meaning to do and haven't?  I know we do. Time to get those projects done... finished... or even started.  Time to NOT put those things off anymore, plus it keeps you busy.

Into sports?  Well, there really aren't any right now.  So, what's to do? You could become an expert.  Read up on your favorite sports team, like the history, players, etc.  Maybe watch an old favorite game, or tweet some positivity.

How about if you are a foodie and there aren't any restaurants around.  How about get some take-out and support your local restaurants so they are still here when this is all over?  That's really important, by the way. Maybe there's a new recipe that you've been wanting to try- time to try!  Joanna Gaines- here we come!

Got some kids or other family members with you that you need to keep entertained?  Break out the board games!  Like Monopoly- no one ever finishes that game... so why not try that now?

Whatever you are doing this weekend, stay safe, stay healthy and let's get through this thing together... separately.

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