A few years ago they had the costume of Kim Kardashian in Paris being held up, basically.  It was her bound and gagged.  Yes, that was a costume.  Just last week there was the inappropriate costume from that show about submission or something.  The woman in a red dress with the puritan hat on.  Now, there this.

Instagram Influencer. <--- Click because this is a thing?  I guess that would refer to the people who make their money on social media, like Instagram.  Like a Kardashian... at least some of them.

Madame Tussauds Unveil Kim Kardashian Selfie Taking Wax Figure
Getty Images

This "costume" looks like any one of those Hollywood types wandering around, getting coffee, lunch, shopping, etc.  Just basically wasting the day away with their trivial nothings.  And making a boatload of money off of it from their followers.  Remind me, how exactly do they make money this way?

I did read that Kim K is starting to have signs of carpal tunnel syndrome from all of those selfies.  Well then... next thing you know, that will be a costume too.  One with a normal person, phone attached to their hand and a wrist brace on too.

You watch- that will be the thing next year.  Ha!

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