It seems most acts of rudeness, at least towards myself, happen when I'm the car.

If you were taking a little longer in a line at the grocery store, chances are no one in line would cuss you out and flip you off.  But in a fast food drive thru, taking a little long to order, people will get a little out of line.

I read this story this morning about a guy that experienced some rudeness while in line at a McDonald's drive thru.

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He was taking a little long to order and the lady behind him wasn't happy about it. She hung her head out the window of her car, flipped him off and swore at him. What would you do?

This guy had a great response. He paid for his food and her food, too. He then drove up to the 2nd window, showed both receipts and took his food and the rude woman's food, too.  He then yelled back at her "Get back in line, b*tch!"  Priceless!

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