The last year had many stories that seemed to make most people shake their heads in utter amazement at how stupid could people be??  Enter the Tide Pod Challenge.  This was some stupid social media challenge where you try and either bite and/or eat a Tide Pod.  Just to see if you could, and to see what would happen.  Well, you could DIE- that is what could happen.

Tide via

This is so stupid.  Why would anyone do that?

Although I do remember doing the "what's on your tongue" game with my younger brother when we were kids.  It consisted of me standing at the kitchen cabinets with my brother, who was blindfolded, and having him taste stuff.  The difference is, these were all edible things.  Gross, maybe.  Being the big sister, I wasn't necessarily nice in that way.  But at least it was all food.

This Tide Pod thing is just stupid.  Period.




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