Great.  Now animals are getting the coronavirus.  I think I had heard of a dog or a cat testing positive prior to this, but this seems odd.


The Wildcat Sanctuary is located in Sandstone, which is in Northern Minnesota, has a tiger there that has tested positive for COVID.  The tiger is a 21 year old Bengal tiger, and first started showing symptoms earlier this month.  This was according to the Board of Animal Health or BAH.  There were some tests that were run on several lions, tigers and cougars located at the sanctuary.  This particular tiger came back as positive, and was confirmed by the Ag Department.

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This wasn't the first time this has happened, either.  But it's definitely not common.

"This marks only the second confirmed captive or domestic animal case of SARS-CoV-2 in the state," State Veterinarian Dr. Beth Thompson said. "It's a good reminder that the virus can be transmitted from people to animals. We appreciate the veterinarians in the state who contact our office to discuss testing and surveillance of exposed and symptomatic animals so we can investigate with our state and federal partners."

This just seems like one more thing that we need to concern ourselves with.  The health department has said all along that if you do test positive for COVID that you are to quarantine from the rest of your family members, and also from your pets.  Sometimes that can be difficult to do.  But since this is only the second one...that we know of... is it really that probable?  I know it's POSSIBLE, but is it that likely?  Bottom line is that we don't know how possible it is, so better safe than sorry.

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