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  • U2 has just announced a summer tour for this year, called the Joshua Tree 2017 tour! Sadly, the closest the band's gonna get to Minneapolis is Chicago, on June 3rd.
  • Even though David Bowie is no longer with us, thankfully we can still hear new music from him that's never been released. Right now, a new EP has come out with the last three songs to be recorded by the late legend. It's called No Plan, and is available on i-Tunes.
  • Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy and guitarist Warren DeMartini have been writing together, and have given us Ratt fans a glimpse of hope for new music. Three of the remaining four original Ratt members have announced reunion plans for live shows. But now, we could be getting more than just concerts!
  • Looks like Deep Purple is deep in money loss. The band has officially filed a lawsuit against their longtime accountant for siphoning off $4.9 million in royalties. Their accountant has worked for Deep Purple since 1994, and has already admitted to “lending” and “borrowing” $2.8 million.

Hopefully U2 decides to make a stop to the Twin Cities this summer!

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