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  • Lady Gaga took to Twitter to tell us that she's going to be performing with Metallica during the Grammys! Might seem like a weird pairing, but Lady Gaga actually has lots of connections to rock, like covering Led Zeppelin songs since 2006. Don't miss the performance on Sunday night on CBS!
  • We have lost another lifetime rock-and-roller over the weekend. Former April Wine bassist Steve Lang has died at the age of 67. We have no information on what exactly happened, but once we find out we'll keep you updated.
  • Toto's guitarist Steve Lukather has just confirmed that the band is working on a new album for their 40th anniversary, and will celebrate with a very large tour. So far, Toto has scheduled dates in the UK during the summer!
  • Attention Cheap Trick fans! The legendary rockers have confirmed the rumors of a new studio album, and we don’t have to wait forever to get our hands on it. Cheap Trick took to Twitter to announce the new, so far untitled album that’s coming to us at the beginning of summer.

2017 - The Year of Gaga

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