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  • Alice Cooper is no stranger to people trying to boycott his shows - and now a Minnesotan woman is trying to stop him from playing down in Mankato this June. Alice Cooper is slated to play at Vetter Stone Amphitheater on Friday June 9th, and a North Mankato resident Barb Church recently stood before city officials trying to cancel the show. Church's home is located close to the amphitheater, and is concerned about the decibel levels in her home.
  • Gene Simmons just released secret information about a new Kiss box set coming out soon! In a recent interview, Simmons mentioned the release of the new box set with 150 previously unheard Kiss songs from his own personal vault. So Kiss fans, there's something to look forward to.
  • Over the past decade, John Mellencamp fans were curious as to why Johnny left Colombia Records back in 2001. Come to find out, Mellencamp left the record company after the president said a racist comment. John wanted to have some black men help as backup singers on his album, while the president at the time only talked down about the decision.
  • And Deep Purple is also coming out with a new album, which the band just officially confirmed the release date. It’s going to be called inFinite, and you can now get the track listing – and the entire album on April 7th.

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