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  • People aren't strangers to the fact that Phil Collins and his daughter Lily Collins don't have the best relationship - but Lily has just written an open letter to her father, airing out any past grievances and ultimately forgiving him for not being around during her childhood. Lily is one of five children by Phil, and those are divided between three different women.
  • Bad Company fans, listen up! The band is continuing their deluxe reissuing series that they started two years ago by releasing two more albums in their catalog. Coming up on May 26th, fans will be able to get 1976’s Run With the Pack and 1977’s Burnin’ Sky. In this reissue, you’ll also get some previously unheard Bad Company songs!
  • Speaking of new albums, Deep Purple‘s Infinite will be hitting the shelves soon – so they’ve just released their second single and it’s music video! This one is called “All I Got Is You”, and their new album comes out this Friday.
  • Boston goes on tour next month around the nation, and now you can see Joan Jett added to the lineup! Joan and her band The Blackhearts will be joining Boston’s 2017 Hyper Space Tour. Sadly, no dates have been announced for Minnesota.

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