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Check out the headlines HERE:

  • Ozzy Osbourne is being taken to court again by the co-writer of “Crazy Train” for unpaid royalties. This time, Bob Daisley – who shared credit on the 1980 track with Osbourne and late guitarist Randy Rhoads – says he’s owed $2 million.
  • Bob Dylan has released a ton of new tour dates for the south, east and west. But we do not see any midwest dates - yet.
  • A new musical focusing on the relationship – both musical and personal – between Pat Benatar and her guitarist and husband Neil Giraldo is in development.
  • If you are a big Peter Gabriel fan, you can expect a new DVD along with other videos and digital formats based on feature performances from the early ’00s. Expect all this on September 16th.

All I can say, is that Bob better come and play some shows in his home state.

Also could be interesting to get a closer look at Pat and Neil's real relationship. It's always complicated when you mix business with your relationships - so I am sure there were some rough patches we never knew about.

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