This is an iconic place.  It's something that I've been used to seeing while driving on Highway 10 for as long as I can remember.  It's like you know you are in Royalton when you see Treasure City. Although I have never actually stepped foot into the place, I know right where it is, and it's something that I always think "I'm going to go in there sometime".

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

You could buy it and own a part of history.  It's apparently the largest souvenir shop in central Minnesota.  It can be yours for the price tag of $450,000.  Honestly, that seems low to me to buy a business.  But then when you hear that the $450,000 just includes the property.  If you want to purchase all of the contents of the property, that will cost you another $400,000.  So, total price tag would be $850,000.  So, really just shy ($150,000) of a cool million.

If you are wondering about what kind of revenue this place brings in, it's not too bad.

That's a pretty decent yearly income.

This is one of those places anyone travelling up to Lake Country from the twin cities, or some surrounding states would be familiar with.  They have a ton of "Minnesota" trinkets, as well as a selection of Minnetonka Moccasins and sandals.  Pretty much, if you want to show your "Minnesota Pride", this is the place that will be able to set you up with everything you need.

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