Personal opinion- this is strange.  Here's the deal- apparently Target Center is demanding a pre-payment to cover security costs and other fees in order to hold his planned rally. If they payment isn't met, they can withhold the use of the arena.

The president’s campaign sent a letter to Target Center management Monday after they were allegedly told they needed to pay $530,000 ahead of the rally for security costs and other fees. Without payment, the Target Center would “withhold use of the arena,” according to the letter.

The Target Center is owned by the city of Minneapolis but run by a private company, AEG Worldwide. Trump’s campaign is threatening legal action as early as Tuesday morning if officials block the rally without payment of security fees.

President Trump's campaign is blaming Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey because he is a democrat.  It sounds like the Mayor couldn't be reached for comment, but did release a statement after the rally was announced...

In a statement after Trump’s rally was announced, Frey said he couldn’t legally block the president from coming but his “message of hatred will never be welcome in Minneapolis.”

The rally is scheduled for Thursday of this week.  Here is some more information.

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