How the heck to people not know this drill?  Back in the day, maybe you might forget that you had something with you, especially if you have a conceal and carry permit.  But nowadays, with all of the restrictions and regulations that you have to go through just to get on the plane, how do you do this?  I mean you have to basically strip before you go through the security check point.

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

This is stupid.  How would you think you could get away with this?  The 360 spin around camera, the camera check on your carry-on, plus they probably do that with your checked baggage as well.  I have never been where they do that, but I can imagine that would happen.

This seems so excessive.  The over 4 thousand firearms was over all.  The 40 were just here in Minnesota.  Wow. That's all I have.  Wow.

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