If you are a runner, and I've seen many of you out and about running all over the streets of St. Cloud.  Y'all are dedicated.  You can now register for the Medtronic, Twin Cities Marathon.


Organizers feel that it's time to move forward. So, the marathon is back, with limited entries. It's scheduled for the weekend of October 1, with the actual marathon on October 3. There will be some mini events that are open to participants of all ages.  The marathon will run from downtown Minneapolis to the State Capital in St. Paul.

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If participants are more comfortable with a virtual race, there is still that option.  But safety is still the most important thing.

We’ve partnered with experts and officials to build an event that’s COVID-safe from before the start to beyond the finish. And, we’ll monitor the public health situation through race-day to organize an event that’s appropriate for the moment.

There are several events surrounding the weekend.  they include the actual marathon, obviously, there's a 5K, a 10K, a ten mile run, and also some family events.  Those include some training for the family and activities whether you are in diapers, or the eldest member of the family.  Something for everyone and some family friendly gear available too!  The family events are scheduled for Saturday, October 2nd.

If you want to keep track of everything going on leading up to marathon weekend, and throughout the weekend, make sure to get the TCM app.

Whatever way you plan to participate, even as a spectator, it's good to see things moving in a more positive direction.

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