U.S. Bank Stadium hasn't been completed yet, and there's already a major repair needed. The repair will cost $4 million to fix due to a leak.

Wet walls were discovered recently due to leaking snow gutters. Because of this, a major part of the stadium needs to come down to repair the problem, before the stadium can be considered to be completed. This includes removing 1/3 of the roof, along with many of the black panels on the side wall.

The snow gutters are a part of the roof that keeps snow from falling down to the ground. The system is designed to allow roof snow to fall into the gutter, get heated, and flow to a collection system. The vapor barrier was determined to be improperly installed and caused a leak that would eventually penetrate the inside of the stadium.

Fortunately the $4 million in repairs will not be billed to the taxpayers or the Vikings. The construction company (Mortenson) and the stadium designers will foot the bill to cover the cost.

Source: StarTribune

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