Here we go, another issue with an UBER driver.  A person was picked up at their house and then was dropped off at the airport. This is what they wanted. All good, right?  You would think so.  But here is the deal... the UBER driver, obviously knowing that the person is at the airport, going on some sort of a trip, drives BACK to the house and tries to break in.  He was deterred by the doorbell cam.  So, he went to the neighbor's house and broke into that place.  He wound up stealing a bunch of stuff from them.  The police did track him down and recovered most of the stuff that had been stolen.

So, what is the answer?  Have them pick you up at a store, or bus stop or restaurant?  I mean, yes, most drivers are ok.  Their backgrounds are checked.. but who knows who is going to be some weirdo?  This could happen to anyone!


 What do you do?

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