Uber, Lyft, any other ride share was difficult if you had a pet you needed to get from point A to point B.  Most people didn't want a pet in their vehicle. Especially one that was huge, dirty, drooled, bodily fluids, or having to deal with the shedding.  Well, things may be turning around now.

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Uber has now made it easier to travel with pets.  Introducing... Uber Pet.  This will eliminate the issue of having to call ahead to see if it will be ok to bring your fur baby along, or risk the cancellation if they don't want them in their car.

This is getting easier for Uber only... for now. The other ride share companies haven't jumped on board quite yet... but it could be coming if this is successful.  This rolls out the 16th of this month, in limited cities, but Minneapolis/St. Paul is one of them, along with Austin, Denver, Nashville, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tampa.  No word on when it might grow into other areas.  With some success, it could be soon.  Fingers crossed.

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