Well, here is an upside... if you are planning a trip out of Minnesota, the airfare has been slashed quite a bit on domestic flights.

And if you weren't planning one, maybe now is the time to think about that little adventure.

“The move from airlines came as business travel has dropped dramatically as corporations are advising employees to limit corporate travel for the time being and many large conferences like SXSW are being cancelled,” Hopper economist Hayley Berg wrote in the report. “Airlines are slashing prices to further incentivize leisure travel within the U.S.”

One positive, if you are concerned about the coronavirus, you know that the airlines have been sanitized and disinfected once for sure, if not twice or more.  So, now would be the time to fly and not worry so much about germs floating around on planes.

Vegas? Miami? DC? Honolulu? Somewhere else?  Check on those airfares now.

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