When going to a party, whether it's for a birthday, people getting together for a big game, just a general get together or a game night, one thing you can generally count on being there is some chips and salsa.  When you are asked to bring something it's like a super easy thing to bring.

Mexican nachos and salsa with female hand
david franklin

But here is the deal- not all salsa, the most popular dip in Minnesota, is created the same. I personally like the salsa that is more like a pico de gallo. Mostly chunks of yummy tomatoes, onions and spices.  I'm not a huge fan of salsa that is super runny and more or less resembles a sort of relative of tomato soup.  Hard pass.

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Some people have some great recipes for awesome salsa.  Some people here, at the station make great salsa, and prior to this whole COVID thing, would bring it in for everyone to share.  Now, that's not happening.  And it's a bit of a bummer. I miss the pot-luck lunches at work.  I think everyone kind of does.  It's like COVID has sucked the fun out of everything.

Anyway, the other popular dips were guacamole, I love this too.  There was some ranch dip, to me that's just a boring cop-out.  And then there is Louisiana and Vermont.  Those two states have the most popular dip as artichoke dip.  I'm kind of surprised that wasn't more popular.  You can check out the whole map here.

What are you bringing to the next get-together (of 10 people)?


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