It's that time again... Johnny U enters the studio each Friday with his edition of "Lame Joke Friday".  This week his jokes (which he always say are super funny) were about a couple and what was happening in a bar, and the second one was about a couple and how things were possibly too big or too small.

Today when he walked in, he not only said that he had some "great jokes" but he was "loaded for bear". I'm assuming that he thought that was a good thing.  I'm not sure it was, or I might be just misinterpretating it.  There is that possibility.  Who says "loaded for bear" in a negative way?  Usually that would be a good thing, right?  Definitely not in this case.

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We always record his jokes.  So, here is this week's video.  Again, there are two jokes.  The first one has to do with a husband and wife and one of them seemingly being a bar fly. The second one has to do with a husband and wife and one of them having a part of their anatomy being too large and the other one possibly having something that is too small.

And what's unfortunate about these videos is that you can't necessarily hear the guy that screams "you suck" and the other guy that says "I hope you get eaten by an alligator"!   Those two guys are Johnny U's favorite hecklers.

Until next week- tune in right around 7:35am, right after Dave-O's sports.  Each Friday. Occasionally he has a funny joke.

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